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Contact information

  •         Phone: (713) 873-2626
  •         Fax: (713) 873-2325

Email: ericm@bcm.edu


About the Program

Our Mission

The mission of the Section of Emergency Medicine is to provide excellence in emergency medicine education, research, and medical service to our patients and community.

Program History

Since 2010, the Section of Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine has offered a one-year EM Fellowship for physician assistants. Building upon PA’s generalist medical education, the fellowship will enable physician assistants to become an integral team member in the specialty field of emergency medicine. The fellowship is a complement to Baylor’s Emergency Medicine Residency. Our program gives each fellow the necessary skills to work competently and efficiently in every aspect of emergency medicine.


Prepare physician assistants for a career in emergency medicine as competent, highly functional members of the emergency healthcare team.

Provide physician assistants with further education, specialized clinical and professional experience that distinguishes them from non-specialty trained PAs.

Prepare physician assistants for the Emergency Medicine CAQ Exam.

Application Process

There is no set start date for the fellowship program. Licensing and credentialing can be a lengthy process in Texas. A rolling admission allows for flexibility and ensures each fellow is able to start as soon as credentialing is completed. Our curriculum is based on monthly topics so each fellow will complete the entire curriculum regardless of start date. Regular procedure and skill workshops ensure each fellow receives procedural training early in the program.

There is no set start date however we do group interviews into three seasons. If invited to interview, there will be approximately three interview dates to choose from. All interviews are conducted on Wednesdays. Applicants are encouraged to apply two-three months before each interview period.

Interview Seasons

Spring: April/May

  • Summer: July/August
  • Fall/Winter: November/December